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Download, Fill and Import Config Excel

Once you have created your Orchestra HR Instance, it is now you can start configuration of system and import your master data and organization data. Although configuration settings can be made from "Settings" menu with admin user login, we advise you can make all steps in following excel file and import it directly to Orchestra. This reduces your effort time and provide you to share with business partners to contribute on customizing decisions. For example, you may ask HR business partners about education types that to be tracked, address types to store. Then, you can import sheets separately of combine them as one excel file and import it.

First download excel file and read this article to learn objective of each sheet.

Download Orchestra HR Excel Config Template

If you do not want to fill any sheet in the excel, please delete the sheet or hide it.

Excel File Sheets in Detail

Although excel file sheets have specific detail, we also explained here for each sheet.


Purpose of usage


Define your company codes, as code and title, company code should have 4 char code and title, please keep 4 char in coding. Each company code should be unique. 

For example;

  • 1000 HRSP Company 
  • 1100 HRSP Support Center Company
  • 1200 MRSP Marketing Company


Determine the personnel areas related to your company codes. Personnel areas are geo. regions with workplaces. Each personnel area should be again 4char code and title, also please assign a company code for each.


Define the personnel sub-areas connected to the personnel areas. Personnel subareas are legal workplaces under personnel areas. It is again with 4char code and title and personnel area assignment.


Define the employee groups, it should generally be enough, but you can add additional ones.


Define employee groupings that differ in terms of payroll and time evaluation.


Match employee groups with employee subgroups.


Define the information of the active personnel as of today. At the same time, you can define user names and, if desired, their initial passwords on this page.


Define personnel contact information. Subtypes must be created on the infotype subtypes page.


Define personnel adress information. Subtypes must be created on the infotype subtypes page.


Define personnel object information. Objects must be created on the subtypes page.


Define personnel shift information. Shift types must be defined in Mws.


Define personnel bank information. Subtypes must be created on the infotype subtypes page.


Define personnel salary information. Salary wage type must be defined in the WageTypes table.


Define the types of insurance.


Define the types of employee quotas.


Define the types of absences.


Define the types of wage types.


Define the types of holidays.


Define the types of daily work schedules.


Define the types of periodic work schedules.


Define the types of monthly work schedules.


Define the types of attendances.


Define the types of absence quotas.


Define the types of school types.


Define the types of education types.


Define the types of certificates.


Define the types of sectors.


Define the types of previous employer job types.


Define the types of previous employer contract types.


Upload Config Excel

Login with your admin user and follow "Settings > System management > Upload Config Excel"


Select your excel file and press "Upload" button.

Checking Import Logs

As soon as importing complete, system redirects you to system logs page. In this page each row show import status for each sheet as follows:

INFO_DEBUG rows means import has been completed for the sheet defined in the explanation.

ERROR_FATAL rows means there are problems in the sheet and should be re-imported again.

You can go system logs after from Settings > System Management > Error Logs.

If you define admin user to employee record, next time when you login the system your page will be displayed as follows.

Next Step

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