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Powerful and Simple Shift Planning System in Cloud Based Orchestra HR

Shift planning for decentralized location-based companies is highly important issue. This solution should be simple and fast because shift planners normally assigned from operation itself.

Orchestra HR Shift Planning module has following powerful features for organizations to solve this business requirement permanently.

Weekly Shift Plans by Shift Responsible

We assign shift planner to employees who are responsible from making weekly plans and if needed they get approvals from line managers. Plans are shared in weekly basis from web or mobile Orchestra HR solution, and according to company ‘s requirement, submitted to second approvers. Both shift planner and approvers can be taken from source HR system by use of APIs without manual operation.

Plans with Weekly Balances from Previous Weeks

Very often, shift planners need some cumulated figures from previous weeks, such as unpaid overtime hours, absence hours and etc. These are called time types and got from time evaluation results. This figure can be displayed as columns to give guidance to shift planner. For example, if one person is having with more unpaid overtime, manager can let him/her use flex time leave to reduce this figure.

Support by Mobile Device

Shift plans can be done from mobile devices and IPad ‘s. This is new normal requirement, and no one is expected to seat in front desk to complete these plans.

Plan from everywhere and Get Reports at Any Time

As Orchestra HR is cloud-based solution, shift responsibles can make their team plans from everywhere at any time. So there is no excuse for missing plans.

Put Legal Rules in Shift Plans for Legal Alignment

This is very important advantage. You can active legal or internal rules in shift plans and assure people are being planned according to legal and internal rules. For example, you can activate rule that employee can be planned without any OFF day in subsequent seven following days.


If you need simple and powerful, flexible shift planning solution, please contact with us. We can share demo and also benchmark opportunities.



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