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Orchestra HR App in Detail: ESS My Time Messages

Orchestra includes various business apps for your organization, all apps are simplified, mobile powered and easily customized and well documented. Read this document and if covers your business requirements you can activate and start using.


This app is used by employees to display their time messages generated from time evaluation run. Messages may include missing clock-data, unrecorded absence, unapproved overtime, and necessary action can be taken.


  • ESS Time Data module should be active
  • Orchestra Positive Time Management or SAP Positive Time Management should be actively using.

Necessary Parameters

  • SHOWOPTION1: set true if you want employees can enter missing clock data to disappear error message
  • SHOWOPTION2: set true if you want employees can enter absence data to disappear error message
  • ESS_MESSAGEWF table should be checked for workflow message type assignments.


  • User with EMPLOYEE role display error/warning messages and make corrections

Advantages of Using this App

  • This process provides employees to display and make correction on time evaluation messages. This provides faster time data preparation cycle for payroll calculation.

Technical Name


Module Name

ESS Time Data


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