Learn Performance Management Customizing Steps in Orchestra HR

In order to customize performance management module, please follow below steps;

Performance Roles

Performance roles are assigned to employees during performance evaluation periods. Performance roles are standard in system and not make any changes. If you have custom roles, please request help from our support engineers.

Performance Form Types

Maintain performance form types with min/max objective entries, qualification group or specific qualification assignments. These forms will be assigned to emloyees in performance evaluation prep. period.

Form Introduction Letter

This text is displayed to employees when they enter to performce form. It can include HR specific rules and policies.

Form Statuses

Statuses of performance forms are defined here, each form should have specific status in performance evaluation period. Statuses are used to dislay specific action buttons to specific role owners.

Form Buttons

Buttons for each performance form and its status are defined in this step.

BC Performance Module Cust.

BC Performance Module Cust.

Performance Target Types

When employee enters objective, they can select type of objective. This objective types are defined in this step.

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