Learn Time Management Customizing Steps in Orchestra HR

In order to use time management module in Orchestra HR, following steps should be checked and customized according to your company 's requirements:

Public Holidays

Define company 's public holidays in this step. Public holidays can be defined as specific dates or constant day and months aplicable to all next years. Thıs step should be checked every year and all shifts should be generated.

Break Times

Define daily break times with begin and end times. Also, you need to define part of paid and unpaid hours as decimal.

Break Times (MinMax based)

You can define break time as min/max values. It means you can give thirty minutes break after 4 hours.

Daily Work Schedules

Define shif types for a day. For example, day shift, late shift or night shifts. When you define shifts, you have to assign a break prog. assignment from previous step.

Period Work Schedules

Weekly rotation od daily shift pprograms. You need to define all types of rotations with week numbers. For example you can define your 3 or 2 rotational shifts.

Monthly Work Schedules

Using period work schedules, you need to define monthly work schedules. Select reference date and period work schedule order number will be starting point for definiting MWS. Do not forget to generate for all MWS programs

Generate WS

Generate work schedules from defined MWS programs. This step combines holidays and MWS definitions and creates schedule between defined dates.


Define absence types of your company. Absence types should be defined with min/max days,

Absence Quotas

Absence quotas are defined as maximum entitlements days/hours from specific absence type. In this step you can define absence quotas.


Define attendance types such as duty, training and travel.

Attendance Quotas

Attendance quotas are defined as maximum entitlements days/hours from specific attendace type. In this step you can define attendance quotas.

Weekly Shift Models

Weekly shift models can be used in shift planning screen to help time admins to fill week days by pre-defined daily programs design.

OT Payment Types

Overtime can be paid as monetory or additional leaves. In this step, you need define compensation types for overtime approvals.

Overtime Reasons

Reason types for overtimes should be defined in this step.

Time Evaluation Parameters

Time Evaluation Parameters

Shift Plan Buttons

Configure display settings for shift plan screen buttons.

Shift Plan Columns

Configure columns in shift planning screen.



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