Learn Announcement Management Customizing Steps in Orchestra HR

Announcements and notifications, document and media sharing can be done very easily in Orchestra HR. This is the basic requirement from all HR departments. Also, sometimes you can also let your employees to share or comment on things already published.

These sharing actions can be done both from web and mobile Orchestra HR apps. But before that, you need to make small configurations, such as, you need to define sharing groups, define group members for private groups, and also you need to define group attributes.

First Step in Sharing: Create Feed Groups

Define feed groups in settings.

Group Name, name your sharing group,

Group Target, objective and explanatory text for group,

Role, if your group is “Auto Member” type, this role will be applied for displaying group content,

Used, true to display group to people, make it false if you want to remove this group,

Members can share, except admin, make it true if you want group members can share content,

Members can like, except admin, make it true if you want group members can like content,

Members can comment, except admin, make it true if you want group members can make comments on content,

Members can add file, except admin, make it true if you want group members can share file,

Private Group, this group needs member assignment in next customizing step,

Can Display Shared Group, if you do want to display personal names on feeds, sometimes you may share as department and want to be displayed as HR Shared …

Group Type, members will be join manually or will be assigned automatically,

Notification, if true, system sends mobile notification to group members,

Group Members

This step should be checked for private groups only. For example, if you have business case that has to be discussed and shared by few members. You need to define private group and assign members in this step.

Feed Reports

This is standard report that gives which feed content already displayed by whom. This is beneficiary for understanding how level your group shares are displayed.

Shared Documents to be Signed

In case of signing or digital approval by members needed for shared documents in groups. You have to select this document in this step. Then in workflow named “ess_approve_document”, members are requested to approve those documents.

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