Learn Survey Management Customizing Steps in Orchestra HR

Orchestra HR users can create unlimited surveys, unlimited questions per survey, & unlimited survey responses. You can organize surveys for different objectives. Surveys give important insights for your company and let you improve your business.

Creating surveys in Orchestra HR is very simple and powerful. In summary below is the list of tasks need to be executed.

  1. Design survey form, includes all elements like textbox, text areas, selects etc.
  2. Create survey period from survey form
  3. Reporting survey results

Let us Design Our Survey Form

Go to settings, under Survey Management, click first customizing step1.

In this screen shown as below, create your survey form.


Create Survey Period

In this step, you can create survey periods. This period indicates how long time survey will be open to employees. When you open survey, you can make restrictions by using organizational structures.

Participation to Surveys

Your target audience can participate your surveys from web home page or mobile workflow screen.

Reporting Survey Results

Survey report can be taken from Settings > Survey Management > Survey Results.

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