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Orchestra HR Process in Detail: Nominate Best Employee of Year for Rewarding

Orchestra includes various business workflows for your organization, all workflows are simplified, mobile powered and easily customized and well documented. Read this document and if covers your business requirements you can activate and start using.


This process is used by employees who want to nominate their colleagues for annual rewarding. This is one step process and only HR people with PAADMIN roles can approve.

This form can be submitted in specific duration, this period is defined by HR in below mentioned parameter.


  • Employee Rewarding module should be active

Necessary Parameters

  • REWARDBESTPERIOD this is the period for employees can submit this workflow, this parameter should be entered as YYYYMMDD-YYYYMMDD format. Out of this period form fields will not be displayed, and warning message appears.

Customizing Steps

Below steps should customized and checked, because form fields will be filled from these tables:

  • “Reward Group” field can be customized from Settings > Employee Rewards > Reward Groups
  • “Reward Method” field can be customized from Settings > Employee Rewards > Reward Method


  • User with EMPLOYEE role can nominate one or more people for rewarding,
  • HR checks form and approve, HR people is selected with PAADMIN role.

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