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Orchestra HR Process in Detail: Allocation Approval Form

Orchestra includes various business workflows for your organization, all workflows are simplified, mobile powered and easily customized and well documented. Read this document and if covers your business requirements you can activate and start using.


This process is used by the managers to allocate company objects/resources on behalf of their employees. This is one level approval process with fields, employee select box, allocate object and comments.


  • Objects to be allocate should be customized.

Employee Manager Id field should not be empty in Active Employee table,

  • For IT notification, group mail addresses should be maintained.

Necessary Parameters

  • ALLOCATION_APPROVAL_USERS is list of employee numbers responsible to approve allocation request, 
  • CONTROLLIST_IT is used define IT group mail address for mail notification on HR approval.


  • User with MANAGER role.
  • Users with employee numbers defined in param. ALLOCATION_APPROVAL_USERS approves/rejects

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