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Orchestra HR Process in Detail : Employee Leave Request

Orchestra includes various business workflows for your organization, all workflows are simplified, mobile powered and easily customized and well documented. Read this document and if covers your business requirements you can activate and start using.


This process is used by employees to request leave from their manager. This is one level approval process with fields begin and end date of leave and comments.


  • ESS Time Management module should be active,
  • Absence types table should be customized,
  • Shift programs should be created and assigned to employees,
  • Employee ManagerId field should not be empty in Active Employee table,

Necessary Parameters

  • ANNUALLEAVEABSENCETYPE parameter include absence type of annual leave that will be recorded absence type in employee absences infotype
  • START_LEAVE_REQUEST_DAYS_BEFORE is used to indicate from how many days before employees can request leave? 


  • User with EMPLOYEE role request leave.
  • User with MANAGER role assigned as manager of initiator employee can approve.
  • Absence quota is updated.

Technical Name



  • 04.2021 Performance improvement
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