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Managing Probation/Trial Period Process with Orchestra

This is solution paper is intended to explain how you can manage probation/trial period in Orchestra for new hirings.

What is an employee probation period?

Probation can be broadly defined as a trial period for newly recruited workers. Probation periods commonly last for two months, six months, or a year. In Orchestra standard, we have solution for two and six months.

Why companies are choosing trial periods is hiring process cannot be hundred percent perfect for selection best people for the job. This is why after some observation and testing period, some questions might be asked to new employee ‘s manager to evaluate the candidate to continue his/her contract.

Business Requirement

When new employee in on-board, for specific period of time, s/he should be evaluated by pre-defined set of questions by his/her line manager. Business want an automated process to collect this feedback automatically from first line manager of employee.

Implement the necessary customization steps as defined in next step.

Customization Steps

  • Create Orchestra HR, if you have already Orchestra HR in your company you can skip this step,
  • Activate “Trial Period” module from Settings in Orchestra,
  • Create forms, forms should be named as 2MONTH and 6MONTH, from menu Settings > Trial Form > Question Form Types
  • Create questions groups, Settings > Trial Form > Question Groups
  • Create scale types and scale values, Settings > Trial Form > Trial Point Scales and Scale Values
  • Create questions and assign scales, Settings > Trial Form > Trial Form Questions
  • Assign questions to question groups and forms, Settings > Trial Form > Trial Form Questionarries

After questionnaire forms are ready, then you need to activate following jobs;

TRIALFORM_JOB1: finds employees in trial period process

TRIALFORM_JOB2 : creates workflows for employees found in previous step and assigns to employee ‘s manager,    

TRIALFORM_JOB3 : send reminding e-mails to managers

Required Client Parameters

TRIALREMINDERPARAM is used to identify dates to send reminder e-mails to managers.

Default value; TWOMONTH:15,10,5|SIXMONTH:15,10,5

TWOMONTH:15, 10,5 means 15, 10 and 5 days prior to 2 months new hiring employee emails will be sent,

How to Cancel Started Trial Form?

If employee leaves the company or you want to skip an employee in trial period, in this case you may delete the employee record from menu steps Settings > Trial Form > Trial Form Candidates.

When you delete an employee, row will still remain, only Skip This Person checkbox becomes selected. This prevents system to re-add same person.

Deleting an employee also deletes already started workflows.

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