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Orchestra HR Process in Detail: Apply Exam for an Employee

Orchestra includes various business workflows for your organization, all workflows are simplified, mobile powered and easily customized and well documented. Read this document and if covers your business requirements you can activate and start using.


This process is used by managers or responsibles who want to apply exam to employees from mobile or web interface. The reason for applying an exam is to assure employee is capable of doing job. In general, this workflow is applied by mobile while employee is using particular equipment and operation responsible wants to be sure about his/her knowledge level. This workflow has no approval step, as soon as user sends the form exam result is calculated and employee master data is updated.


  • Trial period module should be active

Necessary Parameters

  • N/A

Customizing Steps

Below steps under “Trial Period” module in Settings should customized;;

  • “Exams” exam types should be defined, Settings > Trial Forms > Exams
  • “Exam Questions” questions for each exam should be defined, each question should have weight, Settings > Trial Forms > Exam Questions


  • Manager goes Start Workflow and select Apply Exam form,
  • Selects employee and exam type,
  • Questions for selected exam will be displayed in screen,
  • Manager starts asking question to employees while he/she is on the job,
  • Make checked if the answer is correct for each question,
  • Submits the form,
  • Manager can learn the total point of employee from Reports > Trial Period > Exam Results

Technical Name



  • 12.2021 Released
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