Check Orchestra System Health

Checking system health is running a periodic job program that test different scenarios such as finding employees with no email, or no manager assignment. Besides it gives clue ‘s to admin user how to correct these problems.

Normally, in system standard Orchestra runs Checking System Health everyday.

If you want to make this check at any time, please go Settings > System Management > Periodic Job Definitions.

From the list first please check if CLIENTCHECK job is active, if not please activate.

Then press Refresh button to execute the job. It takes some time and fills system check result table.

Check Job results from Settings > System Management > System Check Results

 Please try to correct entries with if check result is not X.

Some Important Check Scenarios

CH05: Gives if there is any employee with no e-mail. Please maintain emails in SAP or Orchestra system.

CH06: Gives if there is any employee with no username. Please apply your consultant for SAP integrated solution, if you are using PA in orchestra, then check system user in infotype 0105.

CH07: Employees with no manager. If you are using SAP, please check ZORCH menu and run Active People Report with test mode. You need to solve manager assignment problems in SAP from organization management module.

CH12: Checks SAP is sending employee data regularly, if there is no employee flow from SAP to Orchestra it means new employees account will not be created.

CH13: gives the number of employees who has no leave base date assignment, please create it from Dates infotype in SAP or Orchestra.

CH14: Checks active employee has username and it is created in user table. Check result only gives number of missing usernames. To create missing users please run ORCHESTRA_CREATEUSERPASSWORD job.

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